Pre-season friendlies

11 months ago By Richard Easton

Fixture update.

Below is a list of pre-season friendlies involving North Junior clubs.

The list will be updated when possible;

FixtureDateKick offVenue
Dufftown v Rothes01/07/20172pmWestburn Park, Dufftown
Islavale v Newmachar United01/07/20172pmSimpson Park, Keith
New Elgin v Lossiemouth U2004/07/20177.30pmNicol Togneri Park, Elgin
Whitehills v Fraserburgh United05/07/20177.30pmSchool Park, Whitehills
Dyce Juniors v Buckie Thistle05/07/20177.45pmIan Mair Park, Aberdeen
Forres Mechanics v Islavale06/07/20177.30pmMosset Park, Forres
Nairn St Ninian v Clachnaccudin08/07/20171pmThe Showfield, Nairn
Newmachar United v East End08/07/20171pmGarioch Sports Centre, Inverurie
Buckie Thistle v Dufftown08/07/20172pmVictoria Park, Buckie
Westhill AFC v Sunnybank08/07/20172pmSheddocksley
Deveronvale v Maud10/07/20177.45pmPrincess Royal Park, Banff
East End v Stoneywood East End11/07/20177.15pmGarioch Sports Centre, Inverurie
Nairn St Ninian v Strathspey Thistle11/07/20177.30pmThe Showfield, Nairn
Buckie Thistle v Hall Russell United11/07/20177.45pmVictoria Park, Buckie
Inverness City v Rothes12/07/20177.30pmLister Park, Inverness
Islavale v Huntly Amateurs12/07/20177.30pmSimpson Park, Keith
Dyce Juniors v Turriff United12/07/20177.45pmIan Mair Park, Aberdeen
Cruden Bay v Ellon United12/07/20177pmWatson Park, Cruden Bay
New Elgin v Strathspey Thistle14/07/20177.30pmNicol Togneri Park, Elgin
Deveronside v Forres Mechanics15/07/20171pmMacDuff Community and Sports Centre
Burghead Thistle v Rothes15/07/20172.30pmForest Park, Burghead
Cruden Bay v Echt Amateurs15/07/20172pmWatson Park, Cruden Bay
Deveronvale v East End15/07/20172pmPrincess Royal Park, Banff
Dufftown v Newmachar United15/07/20172pmWestburn Park, Dufftown
Fraserburgh United v Turriff United15/07/20172pmCollege Park, Fraserburgh
Inverurie Locos v Glentanar15/07/20172pmGarioch Sports Centre, Inverurie
Islavale v Buchanhaven Hearts15/07/20172pmSimpson Park, Keith
Stonehaven v Glenrothes15/07/20172pmGlenury Park, Stonehaven
Sunnybank v Ellon United15/07/20172pmSheddocksley, Aberdeen
Fraserburgh v Newburgh Thistle15/07/20173pmBellslea Park, Fraserburgh
Inverurie Locos v Colony Park15/07/20173pmHarlaw Park, Inverurie
Maud v Fraserburgh17/07/20177.45pmPleasure Park, New Deer
Burghead Thistle v Strathspey Thistle18/07/20177.15pmForest Park, Burghead
Alford AFC v Colony Park18/07/20177.30pmAlford Playing Field
Forres Mechanics v Inverness City18/07/20177.30pmMosset Park, Forres
Deveronvale v Ellon United18/07/20177.45pmPrincess Royal Park, Banff
Inverurie Locos v Hall Russell United18/07/20177.45pmHarlaw Park, Inverurie
Formartine United v Hermes19/07/20177.30pmNorth Lodge Park, Pitmedden
Glentanar v Banks o' Dee19/07/20177.30pmWoodside Sports Complex
Stonehaven v Cove Rangers19/07/20177.30pmGlenury Park, Stonehaven
Stoneywood Parkvale v Turriff United19/07/20177.45pmClark Commercial Park, Aberdeen
Deveronside v Banff Rovers19/07/20177pmCanal Park, Banff
Cruden Bay v Ellon Amateurs20/07/20177.15pmWatson Park, Cruden Bay
Nairn St Ninian v Nairn County20/07/20177.30pmThe Showfield, Nairn
Huntly v Newburgh Thistle20/07/20177.45pmChristie Park, Huntly
Stonehaven v Stonehaven Youth FC22/07/201712.30pmGlenury Park, Stonehaven
Deveronside v Ellon United22/07/20171pmMacDuff Community and Sports Centre
Stoneywood Parkvale v Sportsmans22/07/20171pmClark Commercial Park, Aberdeen
New Elgin v Nairn County22/07/20172.30pmNicol Togneri Park, Elgin
Banks o' Dee v Jeanfield Swifts22/07/20172pmSpain Park, Aberdeen
Blackburn Amat v Glentanar22/07/20172pmBlackburn Pleasure Park
Colony Park v Roysth22/07/20172pmColony Park, Inverurie
Cruden Bay v Faithlie Amateurs22/07/20172pmWatson Park, Cruden Bay
East End v Dundee East Craigie22/07/20172pmNew Advocates Park, Aberdeen
Echt Amateurs v Newburgh Thistle 22/07/20172pmPleasure Park, Echt
Forres Mechanics v Hermes22/07/20172pmMosset Park, Forres
Maud v Sunnybank22/07/20172pmPleasure Park, New Deer
Stonehaven v Cove Thistle or St Laurence23/07/201712.30pm / 3pmGlenury Park, Stonehaven
Colony Park v Deveronvale24/07/20177.30pmColony Park, Inverurie
Fraserburgh United v Fraserburgh24/07/20177pmCollege Park, Fraserburgh
Dyce Juniors v Inverurie Locos25/07/20177.30pmIan Mair Park, Aberdeen
Hermes v Sunnybank25/07/20177.30pmLochside Park, Aberdeen
Inverness City v Strathspey Thistle25/07/20177.30pmLister Park, Inverness
Stoneywood Parkvale v Kaimhill Amateurs25/07/20177.30pmClark Commercial Park, Aberdeen
Cruden Bay v JS XI Amateurs25/07/20177pmWatson Park, Cruden Bay
Banks o' Dee v Newmachar United26/07/20177.30pmSpain Park, Aberdeen
Glentanar v Culter26/07/20177.30pmWoodside Sports Complex
Fraserburgh United v Deveronside26/07/20177pmCollege Park, Fraserburgh
Dyce Juniors v Cove Thistle27/07/20177.30pmIan Mair Park, Aberdeen
Hall Russell United v Nicols XI27/07/20177.30pmDenmore Park, Aberdeen
Turriff Thistle v Deveronside29/07/20171pmThe Haughs, Turriff
Stonehaven v AC Mill Inn29/07/20171pmGlenury Park, Stonehaven
Banchory St Ternan v Cumbernauld Juniors29/07/20172pmMilton Park, Banchory
Islavale v Fraserburgh United29/07/20172pmSimpson Park, Keith
Maud v Auchnagatt Barrons29/07/20172pmPleasure Park, Maud
Nairn St Ninian v Dyce ITC Hydraulics29/07/20172pmThe Showfield, Nairn

Match centre First Division (East) First Division (West)

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